Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Why DreamLayers?

I used to go by enosys online when I wasn't using my real name. ENOSYS is the error value returned in C when attempting to do something that is not supported by the C library or operating system. It is found in errno.h. I liked how enosys sounds but it also alluded to how I was inexperienced in some aspects of life, especially social situations.

Last summer I felt like I should change to a different handle but I couldn't come up with anything I really liked. In the fall I chose dreamlayers. It is a term I made up to describe a feature of perception which I observed many times. When I look around I see the purely physical plus overlays of feelings, meaning and more. The same place can seem very different if the overlays change. I called these overlays "dream layers". They are very important to me because they affect how I feel, what I think and what I feel like doing. Often how I feel about something is more important than bare physical circumstances. I chose the name dreamlayers to remind myself of this observation and its significance.