Thursday, September 01, 2016

Dropbox is not a reasonable way to publicly share files anymore

I first used to share files associated with blog posts. When Facebook bought it and shut it down, I switched to using Dropbox. At the time, many people liked Dropbox, and I found it worked well. It's nice to be able to upload a file for public sharing by simply copying it to my Dropbox folder.

Today I logged in to change my password because of the big Dropbox security breach, and found this:

This is ridiculous because of how little information it provides. They don't tell you the bandwidth limit, how much you used, what links used a lot of bandwidth or when access could be restored. They don't even really tell you whether it was due to bandwidth or some other kind of abuse. I'm actually only using 280 MB of space total, the public folder is 205 MB, and files are generally small. So, I guess either the bandwidth limit is extremely low, or some files had become very popular.

I'm not going to pay money to distribute files to others for free. Also, I'm especially not going to pay money to a company which treats its customers like this. So, now I should find some other service, move my files over, and go through my blog and change the links. Changing links is going to be a lot of work, and I don't feel that's worthwhile. So, maybe another day. Suggestions for what service to use are welcome.

By the way, I recently got an e-mail from Dropbox saying that HTML documents will stop rendering in the browser. I don't think I'm sharing any HTML documents, but if I am that means they would need to be downloaded and then viewed. That's another reason to not use Dropbox. They seem to be pushing Dropbox Paper really hard now, with all the e-mail I've been getting about that, and this may be an attempt to get people to use that for documents.