Thursday, August 16, 2012

When buying optical media, choose wisely

Yesterday I got a 50 pack of Memorex DVD+R discs at the Superstore. The first disc burned without any problems, but two different drives failed to read it. After that I checked the reviews on Amazon. The pack I got has only 3 stars, and it looks even worse if you examine the distribution of reviews. The Verbatim brand which I used before has much better reviews. The lesson here is that even though this is a small purchase, it's still necessary to check reviews and choose wisely, instead of picking up whatever is convenient.

The Memorex discs had a MID of "RITEK F16 001 (01h)". After returning those to the Superstore, I got a Verbatim 50-pack at Staples with a MID of "MCC 004 000 (00h)". My first Verbatim burn turned out great: