Thursday, July 26, 2012

Deconstructing Christianity, good and evil

Usually, when someone tries to control people via mass killings, collective punishment and torture, we call them evil. If one considers the Bible literally, as a true story, one finds that God is doing a lot of it. Here's an estimate of the number of people killed by God and on God's orders.

If one looks at the Bible without the bias that simply asserts that God is good, it seems like good and evil may be backwards there. It seems that Gnosticism has a more reasonable interpretation. The Bible makes a lot more sense if it is talking about a flawed and crazy Demiurge (creator), and not some ultimate supreme and good being.

However, even following Gnosticism does not seem right, because it's still just mythology without any proof. All of this makes the most sense if just thought of as mythology, instead of information about the nature of reality.

Even good and evil is mythology, and not something real. It is a particularly dangerous mythology because the idea that some group is evil has been used to justify some of the worst things people did to other people. Belief in good and evil is probably the root cause of why some religions have caused harm.

It's possible that if one digs even deeper, the root problem is the idea of absolutes. It leads people to not think or question, and instead stick with assumptions. That is why I do not like the idea of there being some absolute deity.