Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I understand what dreamlayers are now

In the summer of 2004 on two occasions while on DXM I had an interesting experience where I felt like I flipped through different alternate realities. It's not like they were different physical realities; I was physically in the same place with the same stuff around me. It all just felt very different as if I was seeing it differently. At the time I was very depressed and unmotivated and some of these ways of seeing the world were much better. In fact some of them were better than I have ever felt.

I wanted the better, and if possible best way of perceiving the world but I didn't know how to get there. I didn't know how I could get to that place. Furthermore, one of the main reasons I wanted the better states was because there I actually had motivation. The main thing I did about those experiences was I changed my online handle to dreamlayers. At the time I was listening to The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz where the shaman changed his name to remember an important discovery. I changed mine hoping to remember my important discovery.

It seems that it worked. I now know what I experienced back then. Whatever I care about and empathize with alters my perception of reality quite drastically. Or in other words, love can be a very powerful motivator, and the phenomenon I observed was how my perception of reality may be altered by love. I think that was an important lesson.

Now I may need a new name which reminds me of what is currently relevant.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Another sign winter is ending: Orion

I just noticed that the constellation Orion was lower in the sky and less prominent. As winter approached, I noticed that Orion was really high and prominent in the night sky. Now it is going down as the flowers come up.

I'm including a photo of Orion I took from a Malahat viewpoint in late December. The photo turned out surprisingly well. You can see how Betelgeuse at the top left is a different colour because it is a red supergiant and you can see some indistinct light where the Orion Nebula (M42) is.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

My KFC boycott

One time at a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Windsor, Ontario, a customer returned a meal and they transferred some chicken pieces from that to my meal. Another time, at another KFC, in Bonaire they gave me a large size cup instead of a medium one and then later while I was eating they tried to force me to exchange it for a small size cup. (They were out of medium cups. It's possible an employee gave me the large cup and the manager wanted me to swap for small.) I've never experienced anything like those two incidents anywhere else and so I didn't go to KFC. Today in Nanaimo, BC I got the idea that I should eat at KFC on the way home. On the way there I thought about how that'd be like stopping my boycott and how I shouldn't avoid the whole chain because of two incidents at two locations. Well, I came in there, looked at the menu, came to the counter, waited and I was totally ignored. I've never experienced something like that at any other fast food place. Sometimes elsewhere the food came slowly but at least I wasn't totally ignored. I guess my boycott continues.

UPDATE: I did eventually end my boycott at a mall in Victoria. Both the service and food were good there.