Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I understand what dreamlayers are now

In the summer of 2004 on two occasions while on DXM I had an interesting experience where I felt like I flipped through different alternate realities. It's not like they were different physical realities; I was physically in the same place with the same stuff around me. It all just felt very different as if I was seeing it differently. At the time I was very depressed and unmotivated and some of these ways of seeing the world were much better. In fact some of them were better than I have ever felt.

I wanted the better, and if possible best way of perceiving the world but I didn't know how to get there. I didn't know how I could get to that place. Furthermore, one of the main reasons I wanted the better states was because there I actually had motivation. The main thing I did about those experiences was I changed my online handle to dreamlayers. At the time I was listening to The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz where the shaman changed his name to remember an important discovery. I changed mine hoping to remember my important discovery.

It seems that it worked. I now know what I experienced back then. Whatever I care about and empathize with alters my perception of reality quite drastically. Or in other words, love can be a very powerful motivator, and the phenomenon I observed was how my perception of reality may be altered by love. I think that was an important lesson.

Now I may need a new name which reminds me of what is currently relevant.

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