Saturday, March 03, 2007

My KFC boycott

One time at a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Windsor, Ontario, a customer returned a meal and they transferred some chicken pieces from that to my meal. Another time, at another KFC, in Bonaire they gave me a large size cup instead of a medium one and then later while I was eating they tried to force me to exchange it for a small size cup. (They were out of medium cups. It's possible an employee gave me the large cup and the manager wanted me to swap for small.) I've never experienced anything like those two incidents anywhere else and so I didn't go to KFC. Today in Nanaimo, BC I got the idea that I should eat at KFC on the way home. On the way there I thought about how that'd be like stopping my boycott and how I shouldn't avoid the whole chain because of two incidents at two locations. Well, I came in there, looked at the menu, came to the counter, waited and I was totally ignored. I've never experienced something like that at any other fast food place. Sometimes elsewhere the food came slowly but at least I wasn't totally ignored. I guess my boycott continues.

UPDATE: I did eventually end my boycott at a mall in Victoria. Both the service and food were good there.

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