Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The cat might be teaching me something

One of the things the cat might be teaching me is how love often involves pain, including getting hurt by the other being, even apparently intentionally, irresponsibly and/or recklessly, and I just need to accept that. With people I might say "WTF, how can this person treat me this way, are they even a friend", but with a cat it's different. I'm not sure it should be so different... people are in some ways not much better than cats.

Oh, and BTW this may allow me to put one major way I feel drugs can help into words: drugs can make the pain and fear of pain less significant thereby allowing for more love. I guess one could say that drugs are just acting as a crutch there and that one should just learn to take the pain but I am hesitant to totally condemn something which can apparently lead to more good.