Saturday, February 24, 2007

Spring comes in February in Nanaimo!

Just before last weekend I noticed some crocus buds by Terminal Avenue at the Millstone Estuary. By last Sunday (February 18th) they were in bloom. Then I saw some snowdrops at the small park near Terminal and Stewart. Both of these seemed planted, though the crocus bulbs certainly weren't planted recently. Then I walked through the Millstone Estuary and there I saw some actual wild wildflowers: a big patch of snowdrops and some violets. I also found that leaf buds were opening on a few bushes there. This weekend leaf buds were opening on all the bushes there.

It's so wonderful to see spring come in February! In Southwestern Ontario spring starts with blooming maples in late March and wildflowers in April. I guess the timing here is probably close to the timing in Zadar, Croatia, the city I was born in, but I haven't seen spring there in so long. Here are some photos from last Sunday:

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Anonymous said...

Dragi prijatelju,
vidim da imas vezu sa Hrvatskom i Zadrom pa ako zelis mozes se javiti i pogledati moju stranicu