Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Whopper sucks without tomatoes

Yesterday I had a Whopper at Burger King in Leamington. A sign said there were no tomatoes due to an FDA advisory (relating to salmonella). I learned two things:
  • Tomato is a key ingredient of the Whopper. Without it, the "Whopper" is just some random large hamburger. I would never get one without tomatoes again.
  • It feels wrong that it's due to a foreign government agency. I guess it's a little bit like feeling occupied by another country.
The whole thing was even more stupid when I consider where this happened. Even according to the FDA, Canada is one of the safe sources of tomatoes. Leamington is the tomato capital of Canada. The town is surrounded by greenhouses and fields, most of which are used to grow tomatoes. Surely it can't be hard to obtain locally grown tomatoes! Oh yeah, corporate policy. I'm just saying that corporate policy is retarded.

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