Monday, September 29, 2008

The Olympics suck!

Before the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing I read about various things being done for the sponsors and I was horrified. For example, the athletes couldn't bring their own food and beverages into the Olympic Village. To make things even worse, the sponsors were McDonald's and Coca-Cola, who offer so much unhealthy food and beverages. It all seems so out of touch with ideas that are supposedly associated with the Olympics.

It seems that the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver will be just as bad if not worse. They've already trademarked lines from the Canadian National Anthem and passed a law protecting various phrases which cannot be trademarked, such as 2010 along with winter. Oh, and guess what: Coke and McDonald's are sponsors again.

Ideally this corporate pageant needs to end, and a new organization needs to take over. I'm not counting on it though.

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