Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm abandoning my account

When I first read about, I thought it's such a great idea. I enthusiastically joined. I convinced friends to join, and I fixed a Rockbox bug so I could submit tracks from my portable music player.

However, wasn't actually useful to me. I was finding new music from a variety of sources, and wasn't one of them. seemed better regarding social interaction; for example the way journal entries can be connected to music is cool. But for the most part I could have just posted on my blog instead.

Part of the reason why wasn't useful might be that what I played often might not accurately depict what I really like. I'll have to think about this idea some more.

So, I'm going to stop submitting to and I'm going to erase my scrobbled data. I don't feel like deleting my account yet however. That feels too irreversible for now, and I have some journal entries here which aren't duplicated elsewhere.

If I post more about music I listen to, that will be on my blog here.

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