Thursday, November 27, 2008

I need a place to host arbitrary files.

There are plenty of places where one can host photos for free. I have an account at Picasa Web Albums which Blogger uses by default. However, what about hosting arbitrary files? I'm aware of sites like RapidShare, but they annoy the downloader with captchas, waits and annoying ads. They seem to mainly be used for piracy (eg. search Google for rapidshare), probably because that's the only use where such a level of annoyance is accepted. I want a place for legal content, so there must be a better alternative. I asked Reddit about this and got a few suggestions.

Warped suggested file dropper. It seemed familiar and I wondered if it was the site which had a promotion a while ago, giving out free premium accounts. I was right, I was able to log in and I was told "Storage: 0Mb / 250Gb Paid Until: Jan 18th, 2038". I was impressed that the site is still up and responsive. However, they also say "The files are kept forever as long as they are being downloaded.", which means that I have no idea how long files would stay up. Other sites at least give some specific number of days since last download.

Picklegnome suggested It's a site I didn't know about. What I see there seems impressive. Drops can be set to remain for up to a year since last view, and the demo video shows an amazing array of features. So I created my drop at There's nothing there now, but I expect to start using it soon, relating to some upcoming posts.

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