Friday, December 05, 2008

Stripped down RomBox build of Rockbox for the Archos V2 Jukebox Recorder

Earlier I posted about how Rockbox increased in size and greatly reduced available buffer space on targets with 2 megs of memory. Well, here's my solution for the V2 Recorder. It's an older version, from November 2007, because that gives me more buffer space. To get more buffer space I've also removed language and codepage changing, the voice interface and radio support. The database has been removed to allow for RomBox. The build also has a fix for charging screen related bugs. I get 1.750 MB of buffer.

Once in a while, I make attempts to strip out more, with the eventual goal of having RomBox and the database. I'm not very devoted to this pursuit however, because I don't really need the database.

As for that older post, I sometimes think I should delete it. I really like Rockbox and I also don't want to upset others who like it, but I also don't feel like censoring myself.

WARNING: This build disables low battery shutdown. If the device is left on but not playing, it may be possible to overdischarge the battery. According to various sources, overdischarge damages lithium-ion batteries. Also, recovery from that state may require charging the battery externally or jump-starting the device. Under normal use, the device will shut down when the hard drive is used before the battery is overdischarged, and if not playing, idle shutoff will shut it down.

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