Thursday, August 06, 2009

Windows is so funny

I just updated my Sysinternals utilities and I was looking around in Process Explorer. SYSTEM is running a web server on port 2869 (icslap), apparently for UPnP. Windows is so funny.


Anonymous said...

Hi Boris
I'm sorry to bother you and send this message as a comment, but I didn't know how to contact you otherwise.
I was wondering if you managed to fix your olympus c-770. My camara has the same problem as yours. Thanks to your blog from last year we've been able to disassemble the camera and have gotten to the same point as you. Now the problem is that we don't know how to fix the cut lines in the circuit, and I was hoping you could give me an advice (that is if you managed to fix it).

You can answer using the comment or you a welcome to write to my mail, which is:
Nickas83 at hotmail dot com

Thanks for a helpful blog
Nicka from Denmark

Boris Gjenero said...

Hi Nicka
Yes, I successfully fixed my camera. I replaced the flexible circuit board that the switch is on. That is part VG052500, which you can see on the parts diagram.

Olympus refused to sell me the part or help me find it. I called a local photo store, which told me about another local photo store which does repairs, which then told me about Nortown Photo which sells parts. So, if you want to buy the part and Olympus refuses to help, call photo stores and see if they can point you anywhere.

The cut lines can be fixed using conductive ink. Various conductive ink pens are available online. Stores which sell car parts sell kits for repairing rear window defrosters, and those could work too. My only concern is that the switch slides over the repair. Maybe some thin tape could protect the repair.