Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical button switch replacement

The left button switch on my Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical started failing. The button did not turn on and off at the point where it clicked; more pressure was needed. This led to failed clicks and unintended double clicks.

The fix was simple. While I didn't have the exact same switch, a larger switch used in many other mice fit perfectly. All I had to do was remove an extra (normally closed) pin from the switch. Before closing the mouse, I also lubricated the wheel to improve the feel and reduce noise.


XMLSDK said...

This mouse is great! My right button starts malfunction (after used for many years) and look forward to buy the same mouse again.

Boris Gjenero said...

That didn't last very long. I started getting unintended double clicks, though not missed clicks. I just replaced the switch again with another switch from the same mouse.