Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Building Detours with the WDK compiler

Detours is a library for intercepting arbitrary Win32 binary functions. A free version called Detours Express is available "for research, non-commercial, and non-production use on 32-bit code".

The Detours Express package only contains source code. It must be compiled using Microsoft's C++ compiler because it uses non-standard extensions such as the try-except statement. I compiled it using the compiler in the WDK (Windows Driver Kit). (To install, download the WDK CD image and install "Build Environments". That list of packages requires 1.37 GB. If you want to reduce this, you can uninstall individual unwanted packages by right-clicking on their .msi files and selecting uninstall.)

Detours Express uses the DbgHelp library, but dbghelp.h is not in the WDK. This may be remedied by downloading Debugging Tools for Windows and installing the included SDK. (Detours Express loads dbghelp.dll via LoadLibraryA, so you don't have to worry about linking that in.)

By default, the compiler isn't in the path and there is no search path for include files or libraries. This may be remedied by setting some environment variables from a batch file:

SET "INCLUDE=c:\WinDDK\7600.16385.1\inc\api;c:\WinDDK\7600.16385.1\inc\crt;C:\Program Files\Debugging Tools for Windows (x86)\sdk\inc"
SET LIB=C:\WinDDK\7600.16385.1\lib\wxp\i386

Recent versions of the WDK do not include lib.exe. This is not a problem, because lib simply called link. Simply replace lib with link /lib in the Makefile. After that, just run nmake and Detours will build.

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