Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cogeco clear QAM list for Windsor, Ontario

Here is a list of clear QAM channels I could receive via Cogeco cable in Windsor on April 21st, 2012. It is based on an old list I found, but a lot has changed since then. Clear QAM is not an official offering from Cogeco, and channels can be moved, removed or added at any time without any notification. It's a good idea to re-do auto tuning regularly to pick up any new channels. Almost all channels are SD and there are channels which cannot be received via analog or clear QAM. As a result, clear QAM is not a good alternative to a Cogeco receiver. Note that in some cases, the second number of the channel corresponds to the channel number in the official Cogeco lineup.

[ Updated January 10th 2013 ]

Note: It seems channels which are available for free preview for the month are available via clear QAM. For example, the four channels from the High Fidelity HDTV network are listed here.

QAM Number Call sign Long name HD
46-774774OASHDOasisHD HD
47-275741SCRHDThe Score HDHD
65-117950BETBET - Canada
65-710710TVOTVO (TV Ontario) HDHD
65-803803CTV2LCTV Two Windsor, ON HDHD
91-1714MMMuch Music
91-3668SCOREThe Score
91-7021CTVNNCTV News Channel
92-1212CBLFTSRC (CBLFT) Toronto
92-2817CBCNNCBC News Network
92-4058SHOPShopping Channel
92-6013CKCOCTV (CKCO) Kitchener, ON
92-6620TFOTFO - Chaine Francaise
92-10549SPEEDSpeed Channel Canada
92-9519HOMESReal Estate Channel
93-22TVOTVO (TV Ontario)
93-5670CPACCPAC Ottawa
93-5819VISIOVision TV
93-8625TV5TV5 International
93-123123BITEBite TV
94-2716YTVYTV (Youth Television) - East
94-6857CFTMTVA (CFTM) Montréal
94-7169OLAOntario Legislature
94-7476APTNAPTN - East
94-9164OWNOprah Winfrey Network Canada
94-93111BNNBNN - Business News Network
102-38045TOONTeletoon - East
104-524911TVCCogeco WindsorHD
105-306134GOLDComedy Gold
124-33CIIIGlobal (CIII) Ontario
124-761CITYCITY TV Toronto, ON
124-1059CHCHCHCH Hamilton, ON
124-93918TWNWeather Network
124-9416CTV2LCTV Two Windsor, ON
124-94862WMYDMNT (WMYD) Detroit, MI
124-979979TVLISTV Listings
125-463OMNIOMNI Television
125-783CIIIGlobal (CIII) Ontario
125-8167WTVSPBS (WTVS) Detroit, MI
125-10353GOLFGolf Channel Canada
125-92711TVCCogeco Windsor
125-9457WJBKFOX (WJBK) Detroit, MI
125-94760WKBDCW (WKBD) Detroit, MI
126-6722RDIRDI (News)
126-9770CPACCPAC Ottawa
126-118118GTVGame TV
126-151151RSESportsnet (East) - Satellite/Digital
126-152152SNWSportsnet (West) - Satellite/Digital
126-153153RSN-PSportsnet (Pacific) - Satellite/Digital
126-184184EWTNEWTN Canada
126-185185SALT&Salt & Light
126-555555AMI-tAMI-tv East
127-10848FOODFood Network Canada
127-11042STAR!E! Canada
127-11232MMMMuch More Music
127-114114MTVMTV Canada
128-11VODPVOD Preview
128-149149WMOVW Movies
128-151151RSESportsnet (East) - Satellite/Digital
131-764764FOODFood Network CanadaHD


UncertainSound said...

Is there anywhere to get an updated list or if you plan on updating this list yourself at some point? I believe some of these channels have changed.

Boris Gjenero said...

I was updating the list myself before. When I got a cable box, I stopped using clear QAM and stopped updating the list. Channels do disappear, appear and move quite frequently. That's the main problem with clear QAM.