Saturday, November 15, 2014

If nRF24L01 modules don't work, add decoupling capacitors

I got two nRF24L01+ modules and tried to establish communication between the MSP430 and Stellaris LaunchPads. SPI communication worked, and I was able to read and write registers, but all attempts at wireless communication were a total failure. I even tried a kind of promiscuous mode, where I was getting data, but it all seemed to be garbage with no trace of the packets I was transmitting. Something was definitely being transmitted according to the chip's received power detector, though it was suspiciously spread out onto adjacent channels.

After wasting a few hours trying to figure out what was wrong with the software and finally taking a break, I got the idea to try adding bypass capacitors. They made everything work. The modules do have C8 and C9 which are supposed to be 1 nF and 10 nF respectively, but those are clearly not enough when the power supply wires are long. I just used some small electrolytic capacitors I had around, 56 µF on one module and 33 µF on another. Tantalum capacitors would be a better choice because of their smaller size and good high frequency performance.

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